Major in Iranian Studies

course list

Education level: Master's degree (MA)
Form of financing: A (state-subsidized), K (self-funded, fee: HUF 375,000 / semester)
Work schedule: Full-time
Training time: 4 semesters
Student number/ year: 2 < 3
Field of study: Humanities

Minimum conditions for enrolling the MA programme:

Minimum number of credits for enrolling the MA programme other than a bachelor's degree:

  • language training [classical and modern Persian languages, classical Persian text reading (source analysis), modern Persian language practice] 44 credits;
  • other knowledge of literary history and philology (classical and modern history of Persian literature, prosody, paleography, introduction to the history of language and dialectology, history of Persian art, problems of the history and culture of modern Iran) 6 credits.

Admission to the master's programme is conditional on the student having at least 35 of these credits based on previous studies. Missing credits must be obtained as specified in the general examination regulations of ELTE.

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